DroneFire Visits UAF

University of Alaska Fairbanks - Satellite Facility

In early April 2017, DroneFire team members Jaylene Naylor (AASO, UM Physics) and Philip Williams (MS in Forestry student, FireCenter & AASO) visited the University of Alaska Fairbanks (UAF) to participate in a fire and remote sensing workshop and develop relationships with multiple UAS and remote sensing facilities and staff at the University. Philip developed professional networks and remote sensing skills while attending the Alaska Fire Science Consortium's fire and remote sensing workshop. Jaylene connected with UAF's Space Grant arm and compared valuable notes about the usage of UASs in the classroom, especially pertaining to Physics curricula. Both Jaylene and Philip were privileged to meet with Cathy Cahill, Director of the Alaska Center for Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration (ACUASI). This extremely valuable visit gave DroneFire a chance to observe a well-established and highly-respected UAS facility in an academic setting. We gained a deeper understanding about the safe, effective, and efficient usage of UASs for researchers ranging from freshman students to professors. Cathy and the ACUASI staff also gave us valuable advice on how to overcome legal challenges while implementing a university-based UAS facility, and how to recognize and capitalize on opportunities. This photo of a satellite dish atop the geophysical building is just one example of the many geospatial technologies available at UAF. Thanks again, everyone, for an inspiring visit and for your hospitality!