Pre-Mission Decisions


Are you interested in utilizing a UAS for your class, research or for marketing?  Do you want to do your own flying or have someone else do it?  Do you want to rent one of UM's UAS or purchase your own?  This pre-mission questionnaire will give AASO enough information to start helping you.

AASO will be supporting University faculty, staff and students according to the following tiered plan:

  • Minimum Support - Certificate of Authorization (COA), waiver and/or Part 107 assistance based on proficient demonstration of platform operation
  • Partial Support - UAS, kite or balloon operations training for both AASO UAS and department-owned UAS.  COA, waiver and/or Part 107 assistance based on proficient demonstration of platform operation
  • Full Support - Aerial field work operations to include UAS with COA, pilot and observer, kite or ballon and waiver if needed.  Assistance with integrating platform sensors.

Please contact us at least two weeks in advance of your project, or longer for more complex missions.

I want to fly

In many situations, you will need to have your Remote Pilot Certificate in order comply with UM and FAA regulations. The FAA's UAS website has more information.  If you want to fly under the Educational Use of Hobbyist guidelines, your students will be doing the flying.  AASO will provide training to faculy and staff on regulations, basic flight and how to use the UAS.

I want someone else to fly

AASO has pilots available for hire, but we will often recommend that you hire one of our local contractors that are set up in GrizMart.

What type of mission?

The FAA categorizes UAS users into three groups:  Hobbyist, Civil/Business, and Public/Government.  Let's determine what type of user you will be based on your mission.  Select the statement that is most correct to continue.

I want to use my UAS for:

Hobbyist and Educational Use

Recreational or hobbyist use of Unmanned Aerial Systems (UAS) includes flying for enjoyment or educational use (class project, for example).  It does not include flying for any commerical or public university uses. Please see the FAA's Educational Use of UAS Memorandum for more details.  

See our hobbyist page for more information.