Academic Enrichment

Mission Statement

Academic Enrichment (AE) is your connection to a variety of UM programs and experiences that will enrich your education with real-world experience. AE offers information and support to UM students while they seek to expand and enhance their classroom learning. Whether that be an internship here in the states or across the ocean; volunteering for a local nonprofit; studying abroad for a semester; working with a faculty member to pursue an interest you have in undergraduate research; participating in a field experience or joining a student group. Find what looks interesting and pursue it with a passion!

What Employers Expect from Students

  • 81% of employers expect students to complete an internship or community-based field project to connect classroom learning with real-world experiences.
  • 81% of employers expect students to develop the skills to research questions in their field and develop evidence-based analyses.
  • 60% of employers expect students to learn about cultural and ethnic diversity in the context of the United States.

AACU. "Raising the Bar: Employers' Views on College Learning in the Wake of the Economic Downturn." Hart Research Associates Survey. AACU website. (January, 2010)

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