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Featured Faculty

Our accomplished and engaged professors are committed to upholding the values of teaching, research/creative scholarship, and service to the University and community. We are proud to feature some of them here.

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Jeremy Lurgio - Journalism

Jeremy Lurgio

My creative work has entailed photojournalism for magazines, newspapers and online publications but my most significant and exciting work has been the multimedia storytelling project, Lost & Found Montana.

In 2000, the Montana Department of Transportation ...
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Dan Reisenfeld - Physics & Astronomy

Dan Reisenfeld

For as long as I can remember, my passion has been space exploration.  A child of the Star Trek/Star Wars era, the lure of what might be “out there,” and the idea of us someday working and living in space inspired me to pursue a career involving one of humankind’s greatest ende ...
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Beth Lo - Art

Beth Lo

My personal artistic research has revolved around my Asian American heritage with particular focus on issues of family and cultural marginality.  Since the birth of my son in 1987, I also created works in what I call the “Good Children Series,” and published two children’s book ...
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Steve Running - Ecosystem and Conservation Sciences

Steve Running

University of Montana Regents Professor of Ecology Steve Running has been appointed to the NASA Advisory Council Science Committee and chair of the Earth Science subcommittee within that council. In the words of the NASA administrator in the appointing letter, “The Council reports directly to me and is the ...
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Josh Herbold - Accounting & Finance

Josh Herbold

The Montana Society of Certified Public Accountants recently named University of Montana Associate Professor Joshua Herbold recipient of the 2013 Jack Kempner Outstanding Educator Award. The award honors an educator who is distinguished for excellence in classroom teaching, motivating students, and educational innov ...
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Joel Berger - Wildlife Biology

Joel Berger

The American Society of Mammalogists recently awarded UM Wildlife Biology Professor and Craighead Chair Joel Berger the 2013 Aldo Leopold Conservation Award. The award honors well-established individuals who have made lasting contributions to the conservation of mammals and their habitats. “I am motivated ...
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Louise Economides - English

Louise Economides

As an English Professor at the University of Montana who specializes in British Romantic literature and ecocriticism, my career has led me down some unexpected paths. Compared to other academic disciplines such as Biology, Political Science or Philosophy, English has been rather slow in responding to the dramatic ec ...
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Lisa M. Blank - Curriculum and Instruction

Lisa M. Blank

In my first job out of college I worked as an environmental scientist on a Superfund remediation team. My work included regular interactions with the public, sharing air and water quality data and explaining what they meant for families residing near the Superfund sites. These interactions made me acutely aware of h ...
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Ray Callaway - Biological Sciences

Ray Callaway

I am an ecologist, interested in the processes that shape the natural distributions and abundance of life on Earth.  My expertise is on plant life, but this does not set strong boundaries on my ecological interests or exploration.  My research interests are driven by curiosity, and curiosity, of co ...
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Wayne Freimund - Society and Conservation

Wayne Freimund

I have always felt most at peace in vast, wild places. Studying and teaching about protected area management allows me to both experience wild places and contribute to their lasting protection. Here at the University of Montana, I teach courses on advanced protected area management and managing visitors in national ...
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