Eduardo Chirinos- Spanish

As a poet and professor of literature, I must say that many aspects of my job give me much satisfaction, especially since the University of Montana Eduardo Chirinosequally values both academic research and creative activity. In my opinion, these two areas are different but complementary: I have always thought (as is evidenced by my own career) that both teaching and academic research are enriched by a creative spirit. The same could be said about creative writing—that it has greater significance when accompanied by the critical and attentive spirit offered by academic research and by regular interaction with students. Several of my books, both academic or poetry collections, have reflections made in the classroom as a starting point. I have been working at the University for 15 years and I can proudly say they have been the most productive years in my life, as well as the years in which I have gained more international recognition both as a researcher and as a poet. I am convinced that UM really fosters an intellectual and creative community in which it is easy to feel comfortable.

About Eduardo Chirinos

Eduardo Chirinos, Professor of Spanish, was born in the Peruvian capital of Lima in 1960. He studied linguistics and literature at the Catholic University in Lima and completed his doctoral studies in Spanish literature at Rutgers University in New Jersey.

He has published several books of criticism. His most recent ones are: Rosa Polipétala. Artefactos modernos en la poesía española de vanguardia (1918-1931) Lima: Estruendo mudo/Centro cultural España, 2009 and Nueva miscelánea antártica. Escritos sobre poesía (Lima: Universidad Sedes Sapientiae & Borrador: 2012). His articles regularly appear in distinguished academic journals in Europe, Latin America and the USA.

At the age of 17, he wrote his first poems, which four years later he published in his debut volume Cuadernos de Horacio Morell (1981). Over the next 34 years, he published eighteen books of poetry as well as numerous essays, translations, children’s books, and occasional pieces.  Four of his books of poetry have appeared in English: Reasons for Writing Poetry, Written in Missoula, The Smoke of Distant Fires and While the Wolf is Around.