Kevin Kicking Woman - Interdisciplinary Studies: Music and Anthropology

Kevin Kicking WomanIn September 2012, interdisciplinary studies graduate student Kevin Kicking Woman travelled to attend “Stories and Songs of the People” at the InterNational Peoples Village in Bellingen, New South Wales, Australia, where he participated in a series of events featuring Indigenous people’s stories, music and art. In addition to attending Australian Aboriginal ceremonies and dances, Kevin took part in an interactive workshop on the concept of “education” from an Indigenous perspective. Workshop participants concluded that oral traditions such as storytelling, music, dance, and art can be expressed in ways that affirm the identities of Indigenous peoples.

Kevin, of the Montana Blackfeet tribe, gave a presentation on Native American Song and Drum in which he shared his views on Blackfeet Song and the different types of Blackfeet dances. During the time he attended “Stories and Songs of the People of Australia”, Kevin had the opportunity to meet with many different Elders. Kevin relates, “… On many occasions we discussed history, ceremonies, values, morals… I was deeply touched by the discussions I had with Elders. Before I would leave I would sing a song from the Blackfeet, my tribe. The Elders would tear up and express how thankful they were for the song I sang for them. I was extremely touched by the Australian Aboriginal people for their hospitality, generosity and the love they give and possess.”