Spencer Ruchti - Franke Global Leadership Initiative

Spencer Ruchti at the Celebrate Academics Luncheon on March 18, 2015

People in this photo listed in order from the left: Sean McQuillan, ASUM Vice President, Spencer Ruchti, Franke GLI Student, Hatton Littman, Director of Technology and Communications for Missoula County Public Schools

Celebrate Academics gave me an opportunity to share my work and discoveries in a venue I didn’t know existed. I’m in the preliminary stages of my Franke Global Leadership Initiative capstone project. My group plans to look at the relationship between artists and depression. There’s a psychological relationship between the two, but do people become artists because they’re sad, or do they become sad because of their art? At Celebrate Academics, community members gave me feedback on my potential project, how I could approach it, what the end product would be, while asking questions about my extracurricular and my life outside of school. They cared about what I was trying to do for the community and for the world. I took away great feedback, along with a few new connections who will surely help me along the way. All the support was completely unexpected. I’d received input on these ideas only on a few rare occasions, and I’m excited to push forward on my project.