DAC Minutes - April 10, 2017

Resolution Agreement

  • Will not go away with the new presidency
  • Is really tied to our mission at the University of Montana


  • John Gunderson at the University of Illinois gave UM a free version of FAE to use
  • Webpage evaluator
    • does not look at files, only at pages
  • Still in the infant stages at UM
  • Tracks and fixes the pages
  • Keeps stats on the pages and how they are doing
  • Summary report when 1st run and then again 6 months later

'7-Minute' Software Access Review

  • Will start with the software 'show stoppers'
  • If none are found, then the review will go further
  • More organized and efficient reviews

DAC Webpage

  • Technical Checklist
  • List of reputable 3rd party VPAT reviewers

Student Survey Redo?

  • Do we want to do it again this semester?
  • DSS Students and alumni?
  • Email is often the best way to reach them