DAC Minutes - January 23, 2017

Website Proposed Changes

  • Show progress 
  • Electronic Accessibility
  • Checklist
  • List UM assistive technology and where it’s located

Five years out

  • Epub
  • YouTube better, Less  in-house captioning
  • Should they be put on YouTube without captions?
  • So that ATN Can grab transcripts
  • Will always be Verified by human


  • Test all those with high impact on Campus
  • Test things That have been used on Campus, but were never tested before
  • ATN is reviewing whole category  of Software and Compare all like pieces of Software
  • Some Software is not accessible on a desktop but is accessible on mobile devices
  • Is this an equally effective tool?
  • More discussion and information is needed
  • If a user has to spend more than 2× navigating a product is it still EE?
  • How Much time is double time?
  • When do we Call something a barrier? 
  • WCAG standards?
  • Some students will always be slower than others
  • 3rd Party Educational Software
  • When do we not use because the books are inaccessible and we can't convert ?

Update on DAC

  • We should do  self-audit
  • Janet is working on this some depts. Respond, others don't
  • Janet can still audit their sites
  • Report to ADA team and get them to back
  • Documents Are a big issue
  • People across campus are buying software
  • Without Checking for accessibility

Next time

  • Does Janet have power to Make changes?
  • Software Purchasing?