DAC Minutes - June 14, 2017

UM Online Updated

  • Ally Access checker
  • Allows students to switch the format of their documents

/Accessibility Webpage

  • Broken links
  • Janet asks that everyone check the webpages and let Janet know about any changes that need to be made


  • Please ask Janet for the URL if you'd like it have it
  • ATS
    • is still working on a page that interprets the results and a short course has been planned
    • Will still continue to check UM webpages at random to check for accessibility and will relay the results the = person responsible for the page.
  • FAE:
    • is aimed at the entire campus and anyone can use it
    • checks a given URL and three levels below it
    • Will soon move out to campus and allow everyone, including students, to be responsible for their own web pages.

Dragon Naturally Speaking

  • Bought more licenses for UM Campus
    • Can be used by anyone on campus
    • Need License management to keep track of the software
      • Increased efficiency
      • Lab packs for the labs cannot be tracked by this software

UM to switch to Zoom Text (by Freedom Scientific) instead of Magic for screen reading

  • Library had several Magic licenses on their computers already
  • Tim will go and check the labs for IT this summer

ATS Communication Plan (Mika)

  • How can we make AT useful to everyone, not just those with a disability?
  • Issues
    • No real communication plan
    • Some departments are reluctant to request software reviews
    • Some faculty are reluctant to make electronic information accessible
  • Committee Input
    • Action Items (must be affordable and reasonable)
    • Tie into the number of students who really want/need AT and who would prefer to have digital access to most things
    • Going Green tied into going digital
      • Paperless when necessary
      • Read & Write Gold can do a lot of this
    • Highlight AT that is more mainstream now
      • Overdrive
      • Dragon
    • AT gains more popularity with faculty as time goes on
    • How can staff benefit more from AT?
  • Please send feedback about the Communication Plan to Mika