DAC Minutes - March 13, 2017


  • Ally
    • Access checking tool
    • UM will have early access
    • Three Parts to the tool
      • Admin: Institutional Wide Reports
      • Students: Allows students to convert to alt formats
      • Faculty: Advises and prompts when they need to build accessible formats
  • Visual Recognition
    • Alt tags continue to be an issue on campus
    • Auto Alt tagging is poor and needs a lot of improvement

Further Discussion

  • Forms
    • Web forms
      • Qualtrix works well but doesn’t attach documents. Template?
        • A form that talks about the benefits of Qualtrix should be put on the webpage
      • DocuSign workflow well for routing forms
      • Cascade output is unusable
    • PDF is best only when the document is meant to be printed
    • Encouraging online forms is the first step
    • Companies that remediate forms? Cost Issues?
  • Born Accessible Documents
    • How to standardize accessibility on campus?
    • How much should ATS do?
    • How much should Campus be responsible for?
  • Procurement Process
    • Some people still don’t understand the process
    • Some people are refusing to use it at all

2016-17 Strategic Plan Review

  • Website
    • Janet will send out website for DAC to review
  • Audio Description
    • Moodle is developing a player for this

Next Year’s Goals

  • Spread out the work of testing and remediation to campus
  • Focus on showing people how to use Adobe and Word checkers so that it can be as ubiquitous as checking for spelling and grammar.
  • YouTube captions as initial process in captioning
    • ATS as tier 2

Next Month’s Meeting

  • Epub3
  • Webpage