DAC Minutes - May 8, 2017

STEM Content

  • Alt Tags-how do we use them effectively for STEM Content?
  • Screen readers can read MathML, but EPub3 readers cannot.
  • How does EPub3 handle these?
  • Will need to research problem


  • DAC recommends changes in procurement
  • Resolution Agreement says that we'll meet WCAG 2.0
  • Should we add the phrase "with current WCAG Standards?"
  • We should add the phrase that is in our resolution agreement (WCAG 2.1, Level AA)
  • Janet will double check with the legal department

Contract Language

  • Should we add language to our contracts with software vendors that says "Continuation of contract is contingent upon product being accessible?"
  • Bob H. agrees that we should add it to standard agreements.
  • Contract language specialist and legal department should double check the language and legality.
  • All agree that stronger language is needed

Appendix B on the accessibility site

  • Out dated and must be revised.
  • Janet will remove it and archive it

Charging for Expedited ATS  Services

  • Students will NEVER be charged for any of their modifications.
  • This will be an administrative charge for expedited services for campus departments
  • There will be an administrative charge for expedited software processing, when the software needs to be prioritized.

Sonocent Note taker Software

  • Free trial of 25 licenses for UM during Fall 2017 semester
  • Timothy McHenry will coordinate the trial
  • Instructors can use for lecture capture
  • Students can use to effectively take notes

Library-Universal Design Working Group

  • Universal Design specific to the library space, using current and best practices.
  • Focus on the easy fixes first and then move on to the more complicated issues