DAC Minutes - February 13, 2018

Attendees:  Lucy France (Legal Counsel), Bernadine Gantert (ADA Team co-chair), Kathy Garramone, John Greer, Teressa Keenan, Matt Riley, Nikolaus Vonessen, and Mika Watanabe. 

Topics Discussed:

Role of EITA Coordinator

  • With Janet Sedgley's UM departure, the role of EITA Coordinator was vacant.
  • No DAC members or others expressed interest in serving in this capacity.
  • Lucy expressed concerns of EITA Coordinator's vacancy due to the university's resolution agreement with OCR.
  • As Matt is able to give release time with a selection from Central IT, Matt and Lucy decided to select Kathy Garramone, who replaces Janet as the IT-ATS Manager.
  • Kathy's role is primarily to serve as the EITA Coordinator for inquiries and issues that arise, providing management and coordination for the near future.

DAC chair structure

  • The committee decided to move forward with a co-chair model.
  • Kathy will serve as one co-chair. Three DAC members were nominated for the other co-chair position because of their technical and DAC historical backgrounds: Dan Bowling, John Greer, Marlene Zentz.
  • John was the only nominee present and his current work loads restricts him from taking on additional duties.
  • Matt and Lucy will reach out to Dan and Marlene and bring their conclusions to the March DAC meeting.

Secretary position

  • Brenda Miller, the secretary for DAC, is no longer available to serve in this capacity.
  • Mika Watanabe was nominated to fulfill this role and accepted the position.
  • DAC meeting minutes will be recorded in a "Round Robin" format and Mika will post the minutes to the Accessibility website monthly.
  • Mika will also provide administrative support as necessary (web content, agendas, rosters, etc.)

Accessibility website (umt.edu/accessibility)

  • After much discussion, the commitee determined that the accessibility website needs to be reviewed, content ownership needs to be clearly identified, and a point person needs to be appointed to oversee this process.
  • The comittee suggests that Dan Bowling is the candidate because of his exceptional web technical experience, surpassing all other DAC member web experience and knowledge.
  • Matt and Lucy will reach out to Dan and bring their conclusions to the March DAC meeting.

Barrier reports

  • Barrier Report Form, available on the Accessibility website and other UM sites, currently routes to Bernadine Gantert as ADA Team co-chair, after the other ADA Team co-chair, who was an employee of the Office of Equal Opportunity and Affirmative Action (EOAA), left UM. She routes the report to the appropropriate resource for action. The committee discussed changing this process by initially routing reports through EOAA.
  • The commitee suggested that EOAA manages the data of barrier reports and provide regular reports to the ADA Team and DAC.
  • Further discussion is necessary. Lucy will set up a meeting to review and redefine this process. Participants: Jessica Weltman, EOAA Director, Bernadine, and Kathy.

Accessibility map on the UM website

  • The current map is outdated. Who can take on this task?
  • As the Central IT web team has reduced its size and capacity, the current team is unable to assist.
  • Matt will follow-up on this item with his team and bring suggestions for a solution to the March DAC meeting.

Update on OCR complaint / January DOJ inquiry

  • The January inquiry involved questions about how UM is complying with the resolution agreement, specifically regarding web accessibility.
  • UM needs to respond with a report answering specific questions. Lucy will reach out to the appropriate groups for assistance with this report as her time allows.

Future DAC meeting schedule

  • The committee decided to change the current meeting schedule.
  • Through Legal Counsel's office, a Doddle poll will be distributed to commitee members to schedule meetings, which will begin in March.