Macs and Docs

Mac Accessibility

Creating accessible documents is a little more complicated if you are using a Macintosh computer.  

By Macs for Macs

To create a fully accessible document with a mac for a mac you can create and share iWorks files (Pages, Numbers and Keynote) or iBooks files in their native form.  Their accessibility features can be read by VoiceOver.  

These products do not create a tagged PDF although they can be saved as PDFs and alt tags will be maintained.

By Macs for all

There are two methods that can be used to create universally accessible word processing documents using Macs.  

  1. Word and PowerPoint documents created on Macintoshes can be moved over to Windows versions of the same product, tweaked for accessibility and saved in their native format (recommended) or 'saved as' PDFs.  
  2. Mac word processing documents can be opened in LibreOffice and 'saved as PDFs.'

VoiceOver cautions (Mac screenreader)

VoiceOver, the Macintosh screen reader, does not read heading levels.  It does however read image tags. 

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