Document FAQs

Additional FAQS are available in the FAQ folder.

Q: Is this policy saying that I need to convert all of paper documents into electronic ones?

A: The policy doesn't state that all paper documents need to be converted into electronic ones. However, it is true that electronic documents are much more accessible to individuals using screen readers or other assistive technology.  In most cases, our documents originated as electronic documents, so providing them in that form isn't too difficult.

Q: Is it important, when using hyperlinks, to add information about the fact that when you click on a link you’ll be led to a page where you have to log in?

A: The main thing is to alert the user to the fact that the page/content will be opening in a new window (if they are being taken to another site). You can tell them they will be required to log in once there, if you want.

Q: It might be convenient to add entire URLs in case a link is broken and you want to copy and paste a URL into a browser, or if you’re going to print out the document for use on paper. A: The standard for links is for the text of the link to make sense out of context and not include the URL within the link. We recommend that the link be descriptive text followed by a URL within parenthesis but not part of the link. (If the URL is automatically changed into an active link you can usually remove that hyperlink by right-clicking on it and selecting “remove hyperlink” from the resulting menu.) Example: University of Montana (