How "publications" are different

Brochures created in publishing products often have threaded stories - stories that may start and finish on different pages as shown below. This works well in printed form, but causes a reading order problem for digital copies. Much of the work to convert publications into accessible digital form is similiar to word processing documents (heading styles, self-descriptive links, lists created with list styles and alt tags for visual-only items). However, there is the additional step of making sure the read order makes sense.

If you were to convert the example shown below as it is physically presented in the document and listen with a screen reader, you would read the start of three articles, flip to page 2 and read the end of the second article and then the end of the third article. Finally you'd hear the end of the first article.  Much more understandable if each article was completely read as a unit.

Example brochure with 3 articles starting on page 1, article 1 finishing on page 3, article 2 and 3 each finishing on a single column of page 2