Alt Tags

Writing alt tags (alternative text) for visual only information (images, maps, charts, graphs, etc) can be challenging. 

UM principles for creating alternative text include:

  • Focus on the purpose for the inclusion of the visual information in the text.
  • Write concise descriptions that move from general info to specifics.
  • Consider context and objectivity when determing what to write.
  • Always consider your audience in tone and language.

Quick tip: If you want help with creating alternative text, ATS provides limited alt-text support. If you desire such support: 

  • record yourself presenting the information (PowerPoint) that contains the images or
  • print out the document and write your alt tags next to the images.

Call 243-HELP to schedule alt-text support.

Other image issues

Question: The application I'm using doesn't provide for a background image with real text in front. However I understand that WCAG 1.4.5 Images of Text (Level AA) requires that real text be used instead of an image with text in it.

Answer: Use an .svg image that provides high color contrast and doesn’t pixelate when enlargd. Also add an alt tag.

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