Freedom Scientific JAWS


JAWS is the premier screen reading program for Windows based computer users who are blind, have low vision or experience other significant reading barriers, including learning disabilities. JAWS makes the computer talk, and can be used with nearly every standard application; including word processors, databases, spreadsheets, web browsers and email applications. It can read virtually all accessible text appearing on the computer screen, including navigation elements, dialogue boxes, menus, and content. JAWS also allows a user to select which elements to read and not read on the screen. 

Access to Jaws in provided in most University of Montana labs.  Jaws instruction and support is provided by Accessible Technology Services in conjunction with Disability Services for Students.

For more information contact:

Tim McHenry

Assistive Technology Specialist / Accessible Technology Services
(406) 243-4461
Email: timothy1.mchenry@umontana.edu