MAGic Screen Magnification Software

MAGic is a software solution ideally suited for computer users with low vision. MAGic allows the computer screen to be magnified from 1 to 36 times its normal size. A number of different adjustable view settings can be chosen allowing the user to see both the magnified and the unmagnified portion of the screen at the same time. MAGic can read text that is typed or pointed at with the mouse; speech features assist in processing the information on the computer screen. Unlike the native screen magnifier applications built into Windows and OSX, MAGic will not create text pixilation. All fonts and text displayed on the screen remain smooth, crisp, and easy to read regardless of the magnification level.

MAGic is available in most UM labs.  MAGic support is provided by Accessible Technology Services in conjunction with Disability Services for Students.

For more information contact:

Tim McHenry
Assistive Technology Specialist / Accessible Technology Services
(406) 243-4461