WYNN (What You Need Now), with an attached scanner, will scan and read print documents and books using a natural and controllable reading voice.  In addition, WYNN reads Text, web, e-mail, DAISY format, and PDF formats. WYNN provides a variety of tools to help the student read, learn and understand the materials being studied. WYNN is great for students with reading barriers due to their disabilities; it can also help improve reading speed and comprehension. Additionally, WYNN provides language tools that include a thesaurus, dictionary, pronunciation guide, and an advanced spell-checker. 

WYNN is available in some UM labs.  You may also wish to consider Read&Write Gold.

For more information contact:

Tim McHenry
Assistive Technology Specialist / Accessible Technology Services
(406) 243-4461
Email: timothy1.mchenry@umontana.edu