Library Services

Library support services

The Library is a rich resource of accessible resources. The library site includes a complete list of faculty resources and information about services for individuals with disabilities.  A few specific to accessibility are highlighted below.  

Contact person for resources listed below is Julia Jackman-Brink (406) 243-6730, or

  1. Media captioned for use as course reserves: Traditional Course Reserve makes physical items such as textbooks, library books, videos, CD’s, and copies of readings or exams available for check out. Instructors specify the check-out period for items placed on Traditional Course Reserve. The library will work with DSS and ATS to caption media items placed on reserve so instructors don’t have to.
  2. Anything we scan we will make accessible. Scanning is also available for materials for course instruction if using Moodle or departmental websites. Julia also will help faculty with their documents they want to post on Moodle. She will either edit the instructors document for accessibility or she will work with the instructor to re-scan the original if necessary. Letting people know that we do this also may lesson some of the burden on both you and Marlene. Julia has no problem up front letting instructors know what her timelines are and if she can do what they ask.
  3. Accessible electronic syllabi.  Library posts course syllabi in electronic (PDF) format, through the campus institutional repository, Scholarworks. We ensure that the formatting is accessible prior to adding to ScholarWorks
  4. We link to some how-to’s for creating accessible documents and to DSS and ATS.  Here’s a link to the course reserves page at the library We link to some how-to’s for creating accessible documents and to DSS and ATS.

Accessible media: Want to use an educational video or feature film for instruction? Don’t use a bootleg copy Check the library. Our collection contains many accessible media items (physical formats such as DVD, etc. and streaming titles through subscription databases) If we don’t own the title you need we will purchase it for you. Audio visual materials are available for check out and can be scheduled in advanced for your class. The library will work with DSS and ATS to ensure accessibility of media materials scheduled through us so instructors don’t have to.  (Contact for media scheduling is Chris Vance at 243-4554 If something needs to be purchased she will notify the appropriate person.)

Subject liaison help with accessibility: Librarians are available to assist instructors (and students) with reference, research and instruction needs whether they come to your classroom, provide a classroom space in the library, or assist with creating web-based subject specific resources they will work with the instructor to ensure accessibility.  List of liaison librarians or they can contact me if they don’t know who to contact for help.

Interlibrary Loan documents are accessible: Need an article that the library doesn’t have access to? Use Interlibrary Loan (Phone: 406 243-6736 E-mail: Articles received electronically are available to the patron 24/7 for 30 days from date of receipt. They can be viewed, printed, pasted into documents, saved to disk or downloaded to a personal computer. The library will ensure that articles received electronically are accessible.

Find a resource that is inaccessible?  Want to use a resource owned by the library or available through our databases or full text subscriptions but discover that it’s not accessible? Let us know and we will work with the vendor, DSS, ATS, etc. to make it accessible for you. Probably the best contact person for this is simply anyone at the information desk (or me) and they will figure out what needs to be done and who can do it.