UM EITA - 2016

EITA goals for 2016-17

Electronic and Information Technology accessibility is a moving target - with constant change in software and assistive technology.  Thus existing approaches and techniques must be adapted and new approaches devised.

With each school year, along with adapting to technological changes, the EITA group is focused on moving digital accessibility (EITA) deeper and broader in our university environment in order to continue to meet standards.  While our main focus is providing civil rights and best business and educational practices, we are also aware that both the Department of Justice'a and the Department of Education's Offices of Civil Rights continue to monitor compliance activity.

Goals for 2016-2017 are listed below for each EITA category


  • Increase the use of MathType and other accessible math measures
  • Improve UM's use of alt tags

Instructional Materials:


  • Research and suggest a method for audio descriptions


  • Focus on monitoring third-party educational software
  • Periodic reviews of ProCard purchases

Projects - Spring 2017

ATS and the Digital Accessibility Committee are working on:

  • Upgrading Assistive Listening Devices around campus in conjunction with a UC initiative (Tim McHenry, John Hartman leads)
  • Creating a campus approach to live captioning (Janet Sedgley, John Hartman, Amy Capolupo)
  • Installing a web site / page review software and help pages (Aaron Page lead with Janet Sedgley, Nick Shontz, Devin Armstrong)
  • Reviewing the Sonocent note taking software toward the possibility of a fall pilot (Tim McHenry lead, Janet Sedgley)

Serving campus ... and you

If there is any way in which we can improve our outreach, information or services, do not hesitate to let us know in email ( or through one of the forms we have available on the Accessibility website.