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Start simple

The changes needed to increase electronic and information technology accessibility at UM may seem daunting at times.  Technology is always changing.  Making it accessible might feel a little like trying to hit a moving target. However, while technology changes, the principles of accessibility stay fairly constant.stick figure human with target body

In addition, since Electronic and Information Technology accessibility is a campus responsibility that isn't going away, each of us should understand the basics of how to make or how to find someone else who can make the technology that we use accessible.

Step by step

The EITA working group envisions a step-by-step process where we first makes the simplest and most wide-reaching changes before addressing the smaller number of more complex issues. For your own step-by-step process:

  • Follow the timelines in this section. 
  • Or work on the two "largest effects for littlest effort" options.  Overall we recommending starting with documents and web content.  These two categories share a similar list of ways to create accessibility and both have a 12/31/2014 deadline.

Additional resources

A PowerPoint presentation of UM's approach

UM's EITA Study site

UM's EITA How-to-guides