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The goal of the EITA Task Force is to support and empower the UM campus community in becoming even more accessible through the self-study and implementation process.

Support for creating accessible electronic and information technology has existed in several central UM departments (UMOnline, IT's ATS, DSS and the Mansfield library) and in the actions of many individuals on campus. However, to facilitate a self-study and implementation plan, we offer several addition support options:

  • Personal support for filling out audit forms (face-to-face or remotely: EITA labs
  • Increased web resources: EIT Accessibiity Guide 
  • Additional shortcourses: IT Shortcourse Training site
  • Monthly accessibility topics: Montana Accessibility Interest Group
  • Weekly EITA tips (Electronic and Information Technology Accessibility): ACCESSPARTNER-L listserv
  • Customized self-study process: The way that we interact with your department can be largely up to your department.  Enter information in the forms or ask to meet, collectively or individually, with us.  If there are items that need to be more accessible we can work with you to develop a plan. (And, of course, you can do all of this independently as long as you report it to us through the forms on this site.)
  • Tailored Workshops: EITA Working Group members can offer workshops tailored to your department's needs (Creating an Accessible Online course, Accessible documents, Accessible Web Content, Testing for Accessibility, Captioning, etc.).
  • Evaluation and testing services: Testing services for desktop software, web applications, websites, documents and media are available through central IT's Accessible Technology Services. Call 243-5452 or 243-EITA if you have any questions or wish to schedule testing.

Let us know what else would be helpful.  Please call 243-EITA (3482) if you have suggestions or specific requests.