Core Classes

Many positions on campus require knowledge and skills in fiscal affairs. A role with financial management responsibilities typically includes departmental budgeting, fund accounting, financial reconciliation, technical solutions to fiscal management, and fiscal planning and projections.

Through this course of training, you will learn the tools, policies, and procedures associated with these tasks. This specialized program of study prepares participants to analyze and advise in a fund accounting system by providing basic principles and theory associated with UM’s accounting and budgeting systems.

The program is a great introduction to fiscal affairs management at UM for all employees; for those with little exposure to fiscal management to employees who work closely with colleagues and supervisors charged with managing fiscal affairs and want to learn more or who have responsibility for these tasks in their units and want to take their capacity to the next level. While successful completion of the certificate program does not guarantee a promotion or a wage increase, the training is useful for those interested in advancing into higher level financial affairs positions at UM.

Core Classes

Take these 11 core classes with approximately 24 hours of training.
The core classes do not need to be taken in the order listed, aside from courses noted that have a prerequisite. Because the Administration and Finance sponsored classes will generally only be offered once on an annual basis, employees will have up to three years to complete the required courses in order to receive a certificate in Financial Development. Employees can sign up for individual courses and choose not to work towards the certificate.

  • ADFIN101 Accounts Payable
  • ADFIN102 Internal Controls
  • ADFIN103 Payroll Functions
  • ADFIN104 Principles of Fund Accounting
  • ADFIN105 Budget Preparation and Management (Prereq: ADFIN104 or HRFIN104)
  • ADFIN106 Strategic Financial Planning and Complementary Technical Solutions (Prereq: ADFIN105 or HRFIN105)
  • BNHR105 Banner Payroll Query and Reporting Systems
  • BUS101 UMDW Finance - Online Training
  • BUS120 Fiscal Year End
  • BUS130 GrizMart Strategic Procurement
  • BUS300 U-Approve

View a complete listing of the core class descriptions and schedule.

Note: ADFIN classes are the same as previously numbered HRFIN classes. Registration through IT Short Courses opens at the beginning of the semester in which the classes are scheduled.

Access the ADFIN classes PowerPoint Presentations and additional materials in the FDCP Resources in Box.

Credit for classes taken prior to September 1, 2016
Due to changes in class content, credit will be given toward the certificate for courses taken by employees only if they were taken after the dates listed below:
BUS101 UMDW Finance Database: January 1, 2016
BUS101 UMDW Finance - Online Training is now available.

BUS120 Fiscal Year End: No credit
• Because year end processes, procedures, and critical deadlines change annually, this class must be taken after September 1, 2016 and within a year of applying for the certificate.

BUS130 GrizMart Strategic Procurement: September 1, 2013
• Employees should retake this class if they haven’t actively used GrizMart during the last three years.

BUS300 U-Approve: November 1, 2015
• Employees should be current with the Updates and Upgrades listed on the U-Approve website or consider retaking the class.

Note: Banner Basics is not a requirement of the Financial Development Certificate Program. While BNHR105 Banner Payroll Query and Reporting Systems does indicate that Banner Basics is a prerequisite of the class, employees pursuing the certificate will not be required to have taken Banner Basics. Additionally, the instructor of BNHR105 Banner Payroll Query and Reporting Systems will not be teaching people how to navigate in Banner, which is the focus of the Banner Basics course.   

Registration: All these classes will be managed through the IT Short Course Manager. If you have not previously taken a course through IT, you will be asked to complete a profile when you sign up for your first class. The IT Short Course Manager has a transcript function. When you have completed all the courses, you can request your certificate online. As the Administration and Finance sponsored classes (ADFIN) are currently only being scheduled once during the academic year, it may take longer than one year to complete the certificate program.

Certificate Completion: By signing up and completing the core classes, you demonstrate your intent to finish the certificate requirements. When you have completed the classes and the peer coaching/mentoring requirement, you will apply for the certificate by providing a transcript obtained through the IT Short Course Manager and an accounting of the hours spent with you peer coach/mentor. View the Application Checklist and apply now!

Peer Coaching/Mentoring Requirement

Put it into practice! The peer coaching/mentoring component of the Financial Development Certificate compliments the program of training courses. Before you begin the certificate, it is advisable that you find a fiscal affairs peer coach/mentor and work out a schedule to meet for at least two hours a month for 12 months. You may approach a fiscal affairs professional independently or you may contact Beckie Christiaens, Associate VP of Administration and Finance, to be paired with a peer coach/mentor. The certificate entails a significant time commitment, so please obtain prior approval from your supervisor.

Here’s your chance to gain two or more hours a month of experience applying the skills and knowledge you learn from the Financial Development Certificate Program.

Learn more about the Peer Coaching/Mentoring requirement.


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