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Alliance for Disability and Students at the University of Montana

ADSUM is a self-governing alliance of students who are dedicated to advocating for the equal opportunity of students with disabilities to experience success at the University of Montana. Our student organization is committed to identifying and eliminating architectural, programmatic and attitudinal barriers on campus so students can "Survive"! ADSUM works with the University to increase compliance with civil rights laws by providing a place where students can engage in focused advocacy.


ADSUM Press Release to Kaimin and Campus Community: September 2012 

Department of Education Investigation of UM Web Accessibility through the Office for Civil Rights, Seattle WA.

The Office for Civil Rights came to campus in relation to the illumination of sexual assaults on campus Spring 2012. However, few people are aware the Department of Education with the Office for Civil Rights will also be making a trip to UM to address complaints filed regarding access to educational technologies. The complaint is based on discrimination multiple students with disabilities experience and outlines seven of the many ways UM has failed to implement equal access to course materials for students with disabilities.

·     Inaccessible class assignments and materials on learning management system Moodle

·     Inaccessible live chat and discussion board functions in the learning management system Moodle

·     Inaccessible documents that are scanned images on webpages and websites

·     Inaccessible videos, and videos in Flash format, that are not captioned

·     Inaccessible library database materials

·     Inaccessible course registration through a website, Cyber Bear

·     Inaccessible classroom clickers

These barriers to educational technology should not be tolerated by students on campus.  Twenty-two years after the passage of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), the UM still fails to provide full access to programs, course materials, and buildings, stating that there is no time to prioritize access. Educational Technology is at the forefront of the academic world, academic developments and is a key component of UM’s Global Leadership Initiative unveiled Fall 2011. Inclusionary and Exclusionary practices speak volumes for the reputation of our campus. Students with disabilities have a Civil Right to equal access to complete their education. ADSUM hopes this complaint can be resolved effectively this semester and invites all students and faculty to stop by UC 205 to continue this discussion.  ADSUM looks forward to a campus that leads our state in accessibility and sets a standard for universities across the country.

Thank you,

Courtney Damron

ADSUM Director


Robin Zehntner





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