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Academic Enrichment

The University of Montana


Enrich your Education with Real-World Experience-Go AbroadStudents Traveling

As an UM undergraduate, you have the opportunity to study abroad, intern abroad, volunteer abroad or even work abroad. Before you go, be sure you do the proper research and preparation so you can make the most of your experience. Here you will find links to resources such as UM's Study Abroad program that helps students find the perfect location to pursue their studies abroad. They are also available to help you look at other Study Abroad programs if you have questions. Check on the Intern/Work/Volunteer link to find information about different programs that help you explore abroad in a variety of ways. We are here to support you in your search and are available to visit with you when you are ready.

"I learned that with openness and confidence, I can rise up to any challenge I’m faced with. But the most memorable experiences and sources of personal growth came from outside the classroom, learning to be self-sufficient through living in a foreign country and better understanding myself and others through the exploration of different cultures."

UM Study Abroad Ambassador, Alette Boogman, Amsterdam

Academic Enrichment

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