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Academic Enrichment

The University of Montana


Enrich your Education with Real-World Experience-INTERN

Internship Opportunity

Become the top talent! Combine your academics with work experience.

Explore Career Opportunities

Work in your chosen field and get a look at your potential career path.

Network and Connect

Create those contacts and form relationships you may use later in your career.

Find Mentors

Working in your field offers an opportunity to meet individuals that may inspire and mentor you.

Gain Real-World Experience

These days, employers look for more in a potential hire than just good grades. An internship is a perfect opportunity for you to gain valuable experience making you more marketable to employers.

Internships...your way

Credit or no-credit internships; paid or volunteer internships.

Create an Internship Account

You can report your internship hire and complete your learning agreement, view and sign-up for on-campus interviews as well as apply for internships and jobs.

I'm interested...what should I do?

Academic Enrichment

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Missoula, MT 59812