International Internships

International Internships (IE3 Global Internships) helps you to intern abroad. Earn credit at UM while gaining professional experience abroad. We can help you find an internships in a variety of private sector companies, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions around the world.

  • Grow personally, professionally and cross-culturally
  • Integrate your academic experience into professional practice
  • Develop global competencies employers seek
  • Gain intercultural competence, adaptability, creativity, global awareness, stewardship and job skills
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IE3 Global Internships

Through IE3 Global Internships you earn academic credit on your home campus while gaining professional experience abroad. Internships are available in a variety of private-sector companies, nonprofit organizations and educational institutions around the world.

IE3 Global Internships provides the following:

  •     internship placement
  •     pre-departure orientation
  •     international health insurance
  •     learning tools
  •     monitoring and support by a regional director in the U.S.

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Student Experiences

India Internship Meghan Zimmerman


Meghan Zimmerman
Biology Major

"India gave me a new perspective that would be hard to come by without going there. Seeing the poverty and the struggles, but also the strength and beauty of the Indian people has changed my outlook on life in subtle but remarkable ways."

"I will never look at privilege the same again. Nor will I underscore the value of compassion or perseverance.  India gave me a more complete picture of humanity and a new context for understanding people, societies, and myself."





ETHIOPIA Ethiopia Internship Alexa Lawson

Alexa Lawson
Sociology Major

"An unforgettable, eye-opening, heartbreaking, and life-altering experience in which I learned more love than I ever thought possible, I am forever grateful to those who were my teachers, my friends, and my family."

"I have realized more in the absence of the kids than I had ever grasped in their presence that they had been the ones teaching me, helping me to grow as a person, and blessing my life more than I could ever have hoped to impact them.  The orphans of Ethiopia had never needed me; it was I who had always needed them." 




Meghan Chambers International Internship Kenya


Meghan Chambers
Political Science Major

"In many ways, participating in an international internship in Kenya was the experience of a lifetime.  I not only learned a lot about working in the international arena, but I also discovered many aspects of myself, which has helped me to grow and mature into a different person.  It seems I have learned more about myself in six months, than I ever have before."

"I now cannot imagine my life without having spent six months here.  It is through this opportunity that I truly was able to become a part of something bigger than myself, and understand the world in which we all live in today