Other Academic Enrichment Experiences

Montana and U.S. Field Experiences

Field experiences take students to off-campus locations to examine a myriad of topics from forest management to public health, cultural resources, wildlife Field Imagebiology, sustainable agriculture, and rural poverty. Interact directly with your subject matter of interest and discover the difference between theory and practice by viewing how academic concepts are put into practice.

National Student Exchange (NSE)

It is your turn to experience life from a different point of view. Choose your destination from 49 states in the U.S., Guam, Puerto Rico, or the Virgin Islands. This is your chance to learn more about yourself as you experience the cultural mosaic of the United States.

Peace Corps Prep Program

Earn a Peace Corps certificate through participation in the international development studies minor in UM's College of Arts and Sciences. This course prepares you as a Peace Corps Volunteer, where you can put your skills, education and training to practical use and make a difference.

Work or Volunteer Abroad

NSEAs our world becomes more and more interconnected, students must become acquainted with the world beyond our borders. Working abroad is another way for students to immerse themselves into an international environment.

Student Leadership

Any act of leadership should, by definition, include the element of service, either to the campus or broader world community.  There are several leadership opportunities offered here at the University of Montana that are waiting for you!


Experts from within the University of Montana and brought to campus from all walks of life, give lectures on some of the most exciting, controversial and innovative ideas. Don't miss your chance to take advantage of the different lectures offered on campus.


Conferences offer an opportunity to network with departments, centers, organizations and individuals in an area of particular interest to you while simultaneously learning skills and hearing from experts in that area. Sign up for a conference today.

UM Student Employment

Student employees play a vital role in filling employment needs in many areas of UM and are an integral part in the success of The University. Sign up to be notified when a job has been posted to the system that falls within the job categories that you choose with Griz-Tracker

Independent Study

Independent study classes are not classes in the traditional sense. They provide a mechanism for students to receive credit for projects of their own design. They are created primarily for undergraduate students who have a passionate desire to learn deeply about a topic they are interested in. Visit with a faculty member in the department that interests you.