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Health and Health Performance

Students within Health and Human Performance have the opportunity to participate in undergraduate research both as a researcher and as a research subject. Many students participate in research teams through their senior thesis class, while others participate in research on their own or in conjunction with faculty members and graduate students.

Each fall, nearly 50 seniors enroll in the senior project class that is required for the pre-professional exercise science option.  Students work in groups to design, recruit, collect data, analyze the data and then present – usually at UMCUR or at the NW American College of Sports Medicine meeting each spring.  The projects these students work on, are often major projects with real-life implications and faculty interest. Projects include:

  • Evaluation of paddle boarding;
  • Balance following exercise study;
  • Evaluation of training programs for special Olympians;
  • Evaluation of different wildland firefighting clothing and;
  • Heat study in the WEPM center

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Athletic Training

Students majoring in Athletic Training are strongly encouraged to pursue undergraduate research and many of the past projects within the program have received funding from the Davidison Honors College. Examples of past research include:

Comparing the Effects of Static and Dynamic Stretching Routines on Shoulder Range of Motion and Performance;

Training on the Nintendo Wii Fitness Videogame System and How it Affects Proprioception Compared to Traditional Methods of Proprioceptive Training; 

Exploring the effects of moist heat packs on vertical jump performance

Those interested in pursuing undergraduate research through Athletic Training should contact Valerie Moody.