Information Sessions

Wondering how to begin your own research? Attend one of the functions listed below or contact Academic Enrichment.

UMCUR (UM Conference on Undergraduate Research) Presentation Training Sessions

Intended primarily for UMCUR participants, plan to attend in March, 2014. Usually in the UC Theatre between 4:30-6:00 pm, UC Theater. We will let you know the date as we get closer to the event.

DHC (Davidson Honors College) Research Night

Organized in the DHC every spring semester.  Laure Pengelly Drake is in charge of the event, in collaboration with the Honors Student Association.  The event is free and open to all UM undergraduates.  Typically the program consists of UM faculty members and DHC students leading a panel discussion of best practices in undergraduate research and creative scholarship, across a wide range of disciplines.

Research Portfolio Seminar

Suitable for juniors and seniors of all majors:

HC 395.80 Research Portfolio Seminar  (2 cr.)
Gretchen McCaffrey
This course, taken in conjunction with independent study or thesis credits, will teach students how to structure and focus their research efforts through the creation of a research portfolio, as well as how to approach ethical issues in research. The portfolio will include finished and unfinished documents normally produced by professional researchers as they work towards a research article: a research proposal, an annotated bibliography, reading notes, outlines/organization plans, a research log/laboratory notebook, figures, and an abstract of the finished paper. The final research product will not count toward the grade in this course; student presentations and class discussions will. Although each student in the class will pursue a distinct research topic, the focus of the course will be the application of the intellectual strategies and ethical concerns common to researchers in any discipline. The course is appropriate for any upper division student who is engaged in a significant independent research effort for academic credit under the supervision of a faculty mentor. Students must have consent of the DHC to enroll but need not be Honors College students.