Student Research Opportunities

Student Research and Creative Scholarship Opportunities

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College of Humanities and Sciences

The College of Arts and Sciences aims to pursue academic excellence by providing unique educational experiences. One of these experiences is the research undertaken by undergraduate students. With it's myriad of programs and majors, there is no limit to the research that can be found within the College.

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College of Education and Human Services

Within the College of Education and Human Services you can find five academic programs, the Institute of Educational Research and Service, and the Montana Digital Academy. Also within the College of Education and Human Services you can find exceptional research opportunities for undergraduate students.

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College of Forestry and Conservation

The College of Forestry and conservation provides the knowledge and skills for students to become effective natural resources professionals, offering a series of educational experiences that develop confidence and critical thinking skills. One of these educational experiences is undergraduate research.

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College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences

The College of Health Professions and Biomedical Sciences is home to both cutting-edge research and top-notch educators. Undergraduate research is concentrated in the School of Social Work, but those interested in pursuing higher degrees within the College should get familiar with the research opportunities available now.

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College of Visual and Performing Arts

The arts play a unique role in our human conversation and a unique role within The University of Montana Community. They teach us how to listen and observe, how to work together and how to make critical decisions. Research and Creative Scholarship is one of the outlets utilized by undergraduate students in exploring and expressing the arts.

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School of Business Administration

The School of Business Administration is a collegial learning community dedicated to the teaching, exploration and application of the knowledge and skills necessary to compete in a competitive marketplace. One of the ways in which the School of Business Administration engages students is through undergraduate research.

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School of Journalism

In the School of Journalism, students learn by doing. By learning from real-world experiences, students in the School of Journalism learn to think critically, act ethically and communicate effectively. Many of the students within this School take on undergraduate research as a real-world learning experience.