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Kip Barhaugh Undergraduate Research

Name: Kip Barhaugh

Major: Human Biology
Minor: History, French

Research: I am researching a non-virulent strain of one the most infectious bacterium known to humankind. The goal of the research is to understand how it’s functions can help combat bioterrorism threats as well as advance the field of Bacteriology.

"I was most surprised by failure. Research is not easy. You are confronted continuously with failure and dead ends.  But as hard as these failures can be to accept they are also tremendous learning opportunities. The challenge for me was to recognize them as such."

Travis Vincent Name: Travis Vincent

Major: Economics, Russian
Minor: History, Russian Studies

Research: The value of high school foreign language study within the US labor market (Economics): The "myth" of the Caucasus within Russian Literature (Russian)

"It provided an opportunity to translate my passive knowledge into active participation. Applying my four years of education to a couple of projects was a great way to finish."

Christopher Ruby Name: Christopher Ruby

Major: Psychology with and emphasis in Research
Minor: Integrated Digital Media Art

Research: Risk Factors for Child Abuse

"The advice I would give to any incoming students is to ask as many questions as you can, because the more you ask the more you learn"

Glaciers in Greenland

Erin Johnson
Geology Major

Erin Johnson Undergraduate Research Greenland

Erin Johnson, a UM senior majoring in geology, joined UM Associate Professor Joel Harper and a team of six others to research the hydrology of glaciers in Greenland. It's cold, desolate, frozen and has a population of less than 60,000 people. But when Erin was presented with an opportunity to spend six weeks of her summer researching glaciers there, she had no reservations.


Erin's highlights from her experience were flying to Greenland on a C-130 cargo plane, taking a 19-hour hike and getting one wicked sunburn. It was an incredible opportunity Erin stated, I never thought I'd be able to go to a different country and study, let alone Greenland. It really opened my eyes.




Sound Waves

Ben Murphy
Composition and Music Technology Major

Sound Waves

Ben Murphy is a composer and performer of acoustic and electroacoustic music, pursuing a Bachelor's degree in Composition and Music Technology at the University of Montana.

"I designed and utilized a number of frequency spectrum analysis and re-synthesis tools, using different types of software and custom programming." Ben was able to recreate the original metallic plate sounds in various ways by using the acoustic instruments in the University of Montana Symphonic Wind Ensemble.

"I created a piece for computer-generated sound, titled "Objects", using the Csound programming language. Each sound in the work is fully synthesized through textual coding, using methods such as asymmetrical frequency modulation, waveshaping, and various modes of amplitude modulation."



Anicka Kratina-Hathaway Undergraduate Research Montana

Osprey in Western Montana

Anicka Kratina-Hathaway
Organismal Biology Major

French Minor


Anicka Kratina-Hathaway, a sophomore majoring in organismal biology and minors in French, joined UM biology Professor Erick Greene on the reproductive success of osprey in Western Montana. Their research together includes some of the first data on heavy-metal contamination of osprey as a result of bioaccumulation through the food chain.


"I just love fieldwork!" Anicka stated. Anicka has participated in several research projects but she said that the cool thing about this project was that they were able to involve a number of local kids through summer camps at the Montana Natural History Center and the Flagship program. I love the chance to meet and work with so many different people, and that one thing leads to another.

UMCUR, University of Montana Conference of Undergraduate Research

UMCUR provides a great opportunity for undergraduates of all majors to present their research and creative scholarship in a public forum. The conference is free and open to the public. All members of the UM campus community are encouraged to attend and participate.

The day-long conference offers opportunities for University of Montana students of all majors to present their research and creative scholarship through oral presentations, posters, performances, and exhibits. In addition, students are welcome to organize group presentations, where students within or across disciplines present roundtable discussions on their collaborative and interdisciplinary research activities.

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