March 14, 2018

To the campus community,

The APASP Task Force has reviewed all the units of analysis in Phase 2, those supported by non-general fund sources. Based on its review, we placed each unit in one of three prioritization categories:

  • priority for development and growth
  • consider for development and/or modification and
  • priority for substantial modification.

The categorization of Phase 2 units is posted on the prioritization webpage. Units were placed in one of these three categories based on the reports submitted, the reviews conducted by teams of three reviewers, the scores assigned by each of the three reviewers, preliminary votes made by members of the Task Force, and additional discussion and another round of voting if there was not strong consensus in the first vote. Throughout the process, individuals with conflicts of interest refrained from participating in reviews and votes. As for Phase 1, all reviewer comments, scores, and Task Force votes for Phase 2 units will be posted on the APASP website.

What are the next steps?

Before we develop our recommendations, we will ask sector heads to review the categorization of units reviewed in Phase 2, and respond to the Task Force addressing possibilities for development, collaboration and restructuring. The responses will not change the units’ categorization; instead, they will provide an important perspective that will inform the Task Force’s recommendations to the President and Cabinet.

Phase 2 unit report authors can formally respond to their placement in one of the three categories between now and March 23. The Task Force will append all author responses to our recommendations to the President and Cabinet. To submit an author response, please upload a document to the author response page on the APASP website.

Report authors might want to confer with sector heads about their responses as described above.

How will the Task Force make recommendations for units in Phase 2?

The Task Force will consider sector head response as it develops recommendations for units in Phase 2. As we did when developing recommendations for units in Phase 1, we will work hard to perform our charge with fair-mindedness, conscientious attention to detail, and transparency. We aim to deliver our recommendations to the President by mid-April 2018.

Shared governance groups are encouraged to hold meetings and respond to the APASP Task Force’s  Phase 2 recommendations. Please visit the ASUM, Staff Senate, Faculty Senate, and UFA websites for more information.

Thank you for your continued engagement with APASP. To submit general feedback about prioritization, we invite you to submit your comments via our website. If you have specific questions or concerns, please email We will continue to post updates on our website, including meeting agendas and minutes.


The APASP Task Force