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Mount of Olives: Arabic Language and Culture Club

Mount of Olives Arabic Language and Culture Club was founded in 2005. It is a place for The University of Montana students and community members to learn more about the Arabic language and cultures.

This year, the Mount of Olives is run by Damara (أمل) Simpson. Damara's responsibilities include organizing meetings, coordinating events, and acting as the patient liaison with the faculty mentor and other clubs.

Mount of Olives Arabic Language and Culture Club has been under the mentorship of Samir Bitar, renowned hummus maker and lecturer of Arabic Language at The University of Montana.

If you would like the Mount of Olives Experience fly into Tel Aviv, or alternatively, with questions and comments you can send a letter to Stone Hall 302, 32 Campus Drive, UM, Missoula MT, 59812.

MoO on Facebook:

Mount of Olives

Dr. Khaled Huthaily

Assistant Professor & Head

431 LA - MCLL

Tel: (406) 243-6602