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Dr. Khaled Huthaily, Driector & Lead Instructor


Dr. Khaled Huthaily is Assistant Professor and Head of the Arabic Studies Program. He is a Fulbright scholar, holding an Ed.D. in curriculum and Instruction, with a focus on Arabic language curriculum development and instruction based on linguistics awareness, an M.A. in Applied Linguistics, focusing on English‐Arabic Contrastive Linguistics, and a B.A. in Education, majoring in Second Language Acquisition and Instruction. Dr. Huthaily teaches intermediate and advanced Arabic courses and is the advisor of the Arabic Studies academic minor. He is also a member of the UM's General Education Committee.

Dr. Huthaily has worked as an Arabic language consultant: locally, for the Missoula County Public Schools, and nationally for the American Council on the Teaching of Foreign Languages (ACTFL) and National Foreign Language Center (NFLC). He is also a program evaluator for STARTALK language summer programs, a project funded by NSA. His first published book is titled “Second Language Instruction with Linguistic Awareness: Teaching Arabic to Speakers of English” and is in the process of finalizing a textbook on the sounds and letters of Arabic based on phonological awareness, sponsored by a grant from the Department of Education. He is a trained “Understanding by Design” curriculum developer by ASCD and is certified tester of Arabic Oral Proficiency Interviews (OPIs) by ACTFL. He has served as a trainer in teacher training programs in Yemen and the US and has presented locally and nationally on a number of topics in the areas of Arabic linguistics, Arabic language instruction, contrastive linguistics, and second language curriculum development.

Mr. Brian Lofink, Outreach Coordinator


Brian Lofink is the Associate Director for International Events and Campus/Community Collaborations for the Office of International Programs (OIP) at the University of Montana (UM). His position requires him to work collaboratively with UM and community leaders that focus on international matters. Mr. Lofink works closely with a wide range of individuals and groups on campus and in the community and beyond to develop and carry out the mission of OIP and implement recommendations made internally, by UM’s administration. In his position, he is responsible for organizing and implementing the logistical aspects of international visitations and conferences. Also, he coordinates OIP’s communication and interaction with various Missoula-area organizations regarding UM’s (and frequently the community’s) international activities and matters, such as Missoula’s Sister-City Program or delegations from abroad that are visiting Missoula and/or Montana.

In addition, Mr. Lofink has extensive experience in working in educational training programs. He has managed or participated in more than 20 professional educational development training programs. Programs have been funded by agencies such as but not limited to the Asian Development Bank, World Bank, U.S. Department of Education, and American Councils for International Education (ACCELS).

Ms. Amal Al-Misbahi, Instructor


Ms. Amal Al-Misbahi holds an M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction and a B.A. in education. Her area of interest is in the use of technology in second language acquisition and instruction with emphasis on Arabic as a foreign language in the US. Ms. Al-Misbahi is a native speaker of Arabic with native-like proficiency in English. She has worked as a bilingual teacher (English and Arabic) at the Missoula County Public Schools and as an Arabic language tutor to college-level students and community members. In summer 2012, she worked at the STARTALK Arabic student program at the University of Montana as an instructor. The site visit team rated her performance very highly, and the students spoke highly of her. As a mother of two bilingual children (with English and Arabic language skills), she is passionate about foreign languages and their role in bridging cultural gaps. By being a female native speaker of Arabic, she has added to the program an essential cultural component. She was able to address cultural topics from a female perspective, which has enriched cultural discussions and broadened cultural awareness.

Mr. Brendan Work, Instructor


Brendan Work is the Arabic language instructor for the three Missoula high schools and has been studying Arabic for six years. He previously worked for MASI as a teaching assistant and was a reporter and translator in the West Bank before that. He recently began his Master's degree in Curriculum & Instruction at the University of Montana and lives in Missoula with his girlfriend, her son, and their indomitable beagle.

Mr. Work team-teaches the two Arabic courses with Ms. Al-Misbahi and Dr. Huthaily.

Mr. Connor Seidenschwarz, TA


Connor was a student of Arabic at the University of Montana. He finished three years of Arabic, achieving the advanced proficiency level. Connor spent some time in Egypt, where he studied Arabic and interacted with native speakers on a daily basis. Connor has worked as a TA in MASI for three years.

Ms. Azeka, Morgan, TA


Morgan is a junior at the University of Montana, studying Political Science and Arabic Studies. She loves languages, having studied Hawaiian, French, and Arabic, and hopes to study Russian, though Arabic is her current focus. Morgan has recently completed her second year of Arabic language courses. She enjoys comparing what she has learned of Arab culture and history with that of her Hawaiian heritage.

Morgan works closely with Level 1 students, assisting the instructors in implementing the curriculum and helping the students to practice their Arabic language skills.

Ms. Hannah Peters, TA

PetersHannah Peters is a rising senior at Middlebury College, originally from Thompson Falls, MT. She has studied Arabic at Middlebury for three years, including a summer at their Arabic language school and the last academic year in Alexandria, Egypt, where she signed a pledge agreeing to only communicate in the target language. Having just gotten back from Egypt, she is excited for the chance to share Arabic and her experience in Egypt with others in her home state. In the following month, she will continue teaching as an Arabic camp counselor at Concordia Language Villages before returning to Middlebury for her final year.

Hannah assists the instructors on a daily basis and works closely with the students in both levels during their daily cultural sessions.

Mr. Patrick Record, Photographer & Videographer


Patrick Record is a journalism major at the University of Montana with a focus in photography and multimedia. Following his graduation in May he plans to work for a newspaper as a staff photographer covering daily assignments in addition to producing multimedia content for the web.

In the past year Patrick has worked for PBS NewsHour’s InaugBlog, The New Republic, AARP, The Daily Inter Lake, and ESPN Montana.

Prior to attending the UM, he lived in Los Angeles, Calif., where he spent ten years working in television production as a freelance audio technician and camera operator. His clients ranged from MTV, Vh-1, to the History Channel, Discovery Channel and ESPN.

Dr. Khaled Huthaily

Assistant Professor & Head

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