Take a Walk Through Time during Earth Week & Arbor Week at UM 2019

Walk-thru-Time-on-UM-Oval-2017.JPGImagine taking a walk in which every step takes you back in time a million years. UM is the new steward of the exhibit “A Walk Through Time: From Stardust to Us,” and you can walk through time as you walk around the UM Oval.

The exhibit consists of 90 colorful panels that depict points in time of the 4.6-billion-year life of our solar system and our beautiful planet Earth. The Exhibit will be displayed around the UM Oval during Earth Week & Arbor Week (April 20-28). The display will start by the Grizzly Statue.

The “Walk Through Time” exhibit was imagined by physicist Sidney Liebes, who wanted to inspire people with the magnificent story of life on Earth and provide a cautionary tale of how human actions today threaten Earth’s diversity and stability. Liebes completed the project for Earth Day 1997, and the exhibit was funded by Hewlett-Packard and gifted to the Foundation for Global Community.

The “Walk Through Time” panels can also be seen online.

“A Walk Through Time” book by Liebes and two co-authors is available in the UM library. There is also is a walking audio book app called the Deep Time Walk.

The exhibit at UM is one of only three in the world. Jill Davies of Sustainable Living Systems in the Bitterroot heard that the exhibit was available to move on to a new home. Davies contacted Vicki Watson, retired professor of environmental studies at UM, and together they arranged for the exhibit to be gifted to UM in 2017 when the exhibit was shown at UM for the first time.

More Earth Week and Arbor Week events are listed on the UM Conservation Calendar.

For more information, email Watson at vicki.watson@umontana.edu or call 243-5153 .