Donor Roll

2019 Donor Roll

“Root for the Arboretum” Campaign Donors

Francy Blumhagen
Kelly Chadwick
Craven’s Coffee 
Carl Fiedler
Julie Haas
Nikki Kapp
Kettlehouse 3 / Bonner Taproom
Susan Primak
Glenda Scott
Mick and Marie Siedl
Karen Sippy
Kenneth Stolz
Trees for Missoula
UM Society for Ecological Restoration

Tribute Tree Donors

Lee Ann Bradley for James Brennan Clapp
Nick and Cory McAtee for Clary Kaufman Cory and Ethan Nicholas McAtee
UM Curry Health Center for Cathy Joy

2018 Donor Roll

Thank you to everyone who supported the Arboretum in 2018.  With your support the Root for the Arboretum Campaign raised $20,883!

“Root for the Arboretum” Campaign Donors

Sarah Bates
Christopher and Karen Behan
D.L. Blank
Francy Blumhagen
William Borrie
Caras Nursery and Landscape
Clint & Sally Carlson
Dr. Hipolito Chacon and Mr. Andrew Laue
Kelly Chadwick
Ruth Chadwick
Kaitlin Clements
Carol Cronin
Cotswold Foundation
Kris Csorosz
Nancy Jean DeCou
Tom DeLuca
Dennis Divoky
Jonathan Dorman
Mark Duntemann, Natural Path Urban Forestry
Royce and Mary Engstrom
Brad Evanger
Five Valleys Audubon Society
Forestoration, Inc.
Mary Frase
Timothy and Susanne Furey
Maureen Gary
John Goodburn and Margaret Goodburn-Dougherty
Tessa Greene
Daniel Grogan
Julie Haas
Gail M Haviland
Amy Heller
Paul and Lisa Hendricks
Marcia Hogan
John and Judith Holbrook
Gary and Judy Hughes
Phoebe Hunter and Kay Whitlock
Anne Iverson and Eric Edlund
Robert Ivnik
Doug and Kathy James
Beth Judy
Mike Kadas and Martha Newell
Nicholl Kapp
Gita Saedi Kiely
Jamie Kirby
Ellen and Bob Knight
Sidney Knox
Kathy Knudsen
John Koenig and Donna Erickson
Richard Kolb
Libby Langston
Paul and Susan Lauren
Mary Lawrence
Mark Lewing
Tony and Connie Little
Lolo Peak Brewing Company
Ellen Lomega
Philip Maechling and Sandra Alcosser
Marchie’s Nursery
William Marcus and Cynthia Fudge
Jerry Marks
Poody McLaughlin
Rustem Medora
Ronelle Melekai
Missoula Garden Club
Montana Native Plant Society – Clark Fork Chapter
Mary Morrison
Greg Mullowney
Greg and Barb Munro
Michael and Carrie O'Herron
Liz and David Ondaatje
William Pates
H Wayne Phillips
Pink Grizzly / Montana Wreaths
Patrick Plantenberg
Nancy Randazzo
RMB Lumber
Tarn Ream
Chinwon and Howard Reinhardt
Elizabeth Reinhardt
David and Elizabeth Rhoads
Christopher and Stephanie Ritrievi
Eva Rocke
David Rosengren
Lucy Ruediger
Reid and Patricia Schoonover
Madison Schroeder
Glenda Scott
Sandy Sheppard
Janet Catriona Simms
Doug Smith
Dan Spencer
Kenneth Stolz
Ben Super
Lynn Tennefoss
Trees for Missoula
Ronald Wakimoto
Vicki Watson
Kelly Williamson
Jeanne Worthy

Grant Support

DNRC – Urban and Community Forestry
Montana Native Plant Society (State) – matching funds
U.S. Forest Service, Department of Agriculture  An Equal Opportunity Provider

Professional Assistance

Diversified Materials and Construction
Interpretive Graphics
Mike Gilbert – Gilbert Architecture
Marina Richie - Writer
Maja Smith – Maja Design
Giles Thelen – Native Yards  
PCS - Professional Construction Services, Inc.
William Nerison, Wrn Architects

Tribute Tree Donors

Center for Native Plants
Ruth Chadwick
Beth Judy
Nicholl Kapp
Peter Lesica
Kris Larson
Mary Lawrence
Sheila Morrison
William and Marissa Newman
Alice Okon
Jean Pfeiffer
Tarn Ream
Chin Won and Howard Reinhardt
Carol Sajor
Janet Simms
Peter Stickney
Ken Stolz
UM University Center
Kelly Williamson