Develop a visual toolbox useful in a wide range of fields.

Our online degree develops skills in a variety of media, and is one of the first to combine visual and applied arts. Student explore diverse courses such as design, film, painting, web production, printmaking, photo, data visualization and illustration. 

The final year synthesizes these diverse skills, and students tailor their project to fit their interests. The culminating capstone project can take many forms: art exhibitions, website videos, books, collaborative multi-disciplinary events, multi-media presentations for organizations, illustrations, interactive visualization of information are examples of the many possibilities.  

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Preparation for the Future

This degree provides a broad education essential to many art and design fields.  It is also applicable to many careers not commonly associated with art, as visual communication and creative problem solving play an increasingly essential role in our world.  Describing complex data and ideas, or designing persuasive media and innovative products are important to business, non-profits, and science, among others.  


BA Online Art Advising Sheet All credits can be taken online, and students can study from anywhere in the country.  The School of Art requires 60 credits.  Additional General Education credits are required for a 120-credit B.A. 

Online General Education Courses 
Look for courses with a letter that satisfies a particular General Education requirement. For example, "CCS 106S" satisfies the Social Science, or  "S" requirement.