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Kevin Bell, Associate Professor

Painting & Foundations

office: Fine Arts Bldg 413


Kevin Bell grew up in the Pacific Northwest and has lived throughout western United States. His paintings have been exhibited nationally and internationally, including recent shows at the Public Trust Gallery in Dallas, NEXT:Chicago and in New American Paintings. He is currently represented by Gallery Jones in Vancouver B.C. and La Industria in San Juan Puerto Rico.

Artist Statement

For the last six years I have been interested in how our values, needs and desires are expressed in our contemporary American landscape. In my most recent work I am particularly interested in how we experience our surroundings selectively, filtering out what is not necessary, ignoring what is irrelevant. The landscape becomes a collection of instances, fragments, specimens and objects. Such fragments are often dependent on the presence of a man-made element for context. The curve of a hill or the texture of vegetation is most visible when it is marked, divided or plotted. Here, nature and human interventions are oddly interdependent, and together, they form fragments floating through our view.

Teaching Philosophy

Art, like writing or scientific experimentation, is a discrete way of exploring and knowing. My goal is to create a classroom environment where students can develop skills and strategies essential to express ideas clearly and in an original way. As every student learns differently and comes to class with unique strengths and sensibilities, a course is most successful when it captures the sense of variety, diversity, experimentation and exploration inherent in art.


MFA University of Oregon, Eugene, Oregon
BA Bowdoin College, Brunswick, Maine