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Lisa Jarrett, Adjunct Assistant Professor

Global Visual Culture

phone: 406.243.4666
office: Fine Arts Bldg 303A


Born in New Jersey and growing up as a Black American who moved with her family to various, often conflicting political climates in cities in Texas, Minnesota, and New York, the influences of her upbringing in a post-Civil Rights and increasingly so-called “post-racial” America are apparent in her work, which seeks to confront ideas of racial difference and perceptions of racial equality. Though conflating comparisons of self and Other within a racial context are surely not limited to the American Black Experience and can be examined in myriad global racial milieus, Jarrett’s work is typically centered upon deconstructing, defragmenting, and, in turn, reconstructing and reassembling her personal experiences as a Black woman in America into a visual expression that asks viewers to consider their own roles in present-day race relations.


As a minority citizen of the western world, my personal interpretations of life often differ from what I have been taught to believe. In contemporary American culture, the notion persists that equality—at least in terms of access to opportunity—has been achieved. Expressing these interpretations artistically not only allows for a closer inspection of life itself but also serves as an important vehicle for personal discovery. Seeking to represent the dichotomy of intrinsically perceived truth versus the culturally dogmatic teachings of society, my work acknowledges these disparities by manipulating form and content to deconstruct notions of self and other.


MFA, The University of Montana-Missoula, 2009
BFA, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, 1999
AAS, Rochester Institute of Technology, Rochester, NY, 1999