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Student Gallery - Fine Arts building

Location: FA 201
Hours: 8am - 5pm, M-F during the academic year. The gallery is colsed during the installation of exhibitions and over university breaks.

The School of Art has a new student gallery off the lobby in the Fine Arts building.  This exhibition space features student art work from our studio classes including Painting, Drawing, Photography, Printmaking, Art Education, Sculpture and Ceramics as well as solo and group exhibitions of the students in the School of Art.  The gallery is also used for pre-candidacy reviews and other educational opportunities.  Open hours are 8am-5pm during the academic year. The gallery generally has a new exhibition every week.

This student gallery has been developed thanks to the generosity of donors. It has greatly expanded our program by offering students an opportunity to display their work more formally, and has provided a space for students to offer presentations about their work.