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We have added current contact information, when possible, for recent graduates from our program.  This directory page is a 'work in progress.'  For our more recent graduates you can click on the student's name to view the webpage which was created for them while they pursued graduate research in the School of Art. For students graduated prior to 2008, links are provided to their thesis papers and current personal websites, where possible.


James Louks, MFA Painting, Spring 2014
Claire Melli, MFA Painting, Spring 2014
Sarah Melville, MA Art History, Spring 2014
Scott Miller, MFA Photography, Spring 2014
Sarah Tancred, MFA Ceramics, Spring 2014
Ellen Walden, MA Studio Art, Spring 2014


Josh Eck, MFA Painting, Spring 2013
Dean Foster
, MFA Ceramics, Spring 2013
Ron Geibe
l, MFA Ceramics, Spring 2013
Brett Hargesheimer
, MFA Drawing, Spring 2013
Burke Jam
, MFA Sculpture, Spring 2013
Suzanne Lussier
, MFA Ceramics, Spring 2013
John (Jack) Metcal
f, MFA Printmaking, Spring 2013


Anna Buxton, MA Art History, Spring 2012
Michael Flynn, MFA Sculpture, Spring 2012
Sarahjess Hurt, MFA Ceramics, Spring 2012
William Hutchinson, MFA Sculpture, Spring 2012
Anna Kirsten Lemnitzer, MFA Painting, Spring 2012
Yaro Shon Neils, MFA Photo, Spring 2012
Randi O'Brien, MFA Ceramics 2011, MA Art History & Criticism 2012
Nathan Tonning, MFA Ceramics, Spring 2012


Lucy Capehart, MFA Photography 2011
Pamela Caughey, MFA Drawing 2011
Stephani Rasmussen Johnsen, MFA Printmaking 2011
Randi O'Brien, MFA Ceramics 2011, MA Art History & Criticism 2012


Cathryn Reitler Sugg, MFA Painting/Drawing 2010
Rebecca Weed, MFA Painting/Drawing 2010
Kensuke Yamada
, MFA Ceramics 2010


Eva Champagne, MFA Ceramics 2009
Lisa Jarrett, MFA Painting/Drawing 2009
Christina Mills, MFA Painting/Drawing and MA Art History 2009


Hak Kuyn Kim, MFA Ceramics, Spring 2008
Kathryn Rodriguez, MFA Painting/MA Art History, Spring 2008
Shandy Lemperlé, MA Art History, Spring 2008
Carlie Magill, MA Art History, Spring 2008
Joseph Garcia, MIS INDS, Spring 2008


Theodore Hughes, MA Art History, Spring 2007
Leah Katz, MA Art, Spring 2007
Amanda Turpin, MFA Sculpture, Spring 2007
Kendall Mingey, MFA Sculpture, Spring 2007


Orville Chigbrow, MFA Ceramics, Spring 2006
Sarah Conway, MFA Ceramics, Spring 2006
Alexandra Kraft, MFA Ceramics, Spring 2006
Steven Krutek, MFA Photo, Spring 2006
Karen Slobod, MFA Printmaking, Spring 2006


Diane Hunt, MFA Painting/Drawing, Winter 2005
Marcy James, MFA Photo, Spring 2005
Hattie Jo Lehman, MA Art History, Spring 2005
Ryan Mitchell, MFA Ceramics, Spring 2005


Paula Duncan, MA Art History, Winter 2004
Eric Munch (Posthumously), MA Art History, Spring 2004
Neely Vacura, MA Art, Spring 2004
Megan Bogonovich, MFA Ceramics, Spring 200
Jason Clark, MFA Printmaking, Spring 2004
Paul Northway, MFA Ceramics, Spring 2004
Edgar Smith, MA Art History, Spring 2004


Kristine Lynn Backman, MA Art, Spring 2003
William Todd Bliss, MA Art History, Spring 2003
Ivars Drulle, MFA Sculpture, Spring 2003
Kelly E. Hart, MFA Photo, Fall 2003
Matthew Kimmel, MFA Ceramics, Fall 2003
Carmen Jo Malsch, MFA Printmaking, Spring 2003
Christopher Meyer, MFA Sculpture Fall 2003


Elizabeth Harris Downs, MA Art, Spring 2002
Benjamin Issac Bloch, MFA Painting, Spring 2002
Julie Wills Sleightholm, MA Art History, Fall 2002
Kaya R. Wielopolski, MFA Printmaking, Spring 2002

To view graduate theses prior to 2002, please visit the UM Mansfield Library