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Brett Hargesheimer


MFA Thesis 2013: Color/Shape/Form/Space


Brett Hargesheimer grew up in a suburb of Chicago, IL. He received his BFA from Bradley University in Peoria, IL, which included a semester abroad with the University of Georgia Athens in Cortona, Italy. After completing his undergraduate degree, Brett worked in special education for public schools in Illinois and as a preparator with a Chicago gallery. He is working towards his MFA in drawing.


I feel there is an importance in connecting vague thoughts, images and emotions that reappear at random points in time. Identifying this information and expressing it in analyzable methods and formats encourages me to assign personal meaning. Then, studying my completed work helps me to better understand the visual decisions I make and myself as a whole. I feel that my work is about understanding myself as an entity capable of independent thought and the environmental factors that impress on this.