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Sarah Tancred




Sarah Tancred grew up in southeastern Ohio and received a BFA in ceramics from Bowling Green State University in 2008. She has completed a residency at St. Petersburg Clay Company and Red Lodge Clay Center. Additionally, she studied at the University of Florida as a post-baccalaureate student. Currently, Sarah is co-director of FrontierSpace Missoula, an alternative gallery located in Missoula, Montana and is pursuing an MFA at The University of Montana.


Pink and blue. Robots and Rosebuds.

Ephemeral or permanent, the objects we surround ourselves with define who we are, where we come from, and whom we have chosen to become.  

Whether feminine or masculine, mother or father, daughter or son, our presentation of gender is a structure of rhetoric and material culture. The patterns on our bed sheets, the wallpaper in our rooms, and the outfits that have been laid out for us as children, are all facets of a prescribed social construct. Throughout my life, and through all of my insecurities, skepticisms, and perceived failures, there has always been one thing I felt was by all accounts steadfast and certain: I am female, I am feminine, I am a girl, I am a woman.  

My current work examines the social construction of masculinity and femininity in middle-class American society. Drawing on experiences of the domestic and familial to the casual and romantic, I use objects, color, decoration, patterning, material and process to investigate gendered paradigms. Quiet and unassuming, the work invites the viewer to uncover a more obtrusive and revealing view of a gendered history.  

I begin by casting objects in porcelain to generate the basic form. This replication maintains a simultaneous reference to the original object while allowing a broad range of surface treatments.  In addition to passages of text, I use color, texture and patterning to entice the viewer. I embrace aesthetic qualities that are stereotypically feminine and domestic, in contrast with the tensions of autobiographical experience and diaristic passages.