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David Tarullo



A native of Southern California, David Tarullo originally studied photography and worked both as a professional photographer and graphic designer.  Wanting to explore an arts education, he relocated to New York and attended the prestigious Sarah Lawrence College where he studied creative writing, two-dimensional design, painting, and filmmaking.  In the years following his graduation, Tarullo returned to Southern California to study ceramics at a local college and regional workshops, becoming a studio artist in 2005.  Craving more artistic influences, he worked as a guest artist at the American Museum of Ceramic Art in Pomona, California and attended Northern Arizona University, the country's premier woodfire facility, as a post baccalaureate student, before coming to Missoula to pursue graduate studies.


I am fascinated with spiritual teachings and the sacred.  Themes such as surrender, forgiveness, release, struggle and presence are concepts that feed my art.

I seek strong and balanced forms where interest is achieved through the contrast of raw characteristics inherent in the medium and the refining of specific elements within the work.  Focused on the interplay between what is natural to the material, and my hand in the piece, I strive for the clearest expression emotional content.