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Programs of Study

In the School of Art, the programs (or divisions of study) are Art Education, Art History and Criticism, Ceramics, Drawing, Painting, Photography, Printmaking, or Sculpture. Each division has a faculty member that specializes in specific techniques, contemporary ideas and philosophies. In addition, each division has a primary faculty member that is publicly active through exhibitions and publications in their field of research.  The School of Art strongly supports cross-media and multidisciplinary education, research and studio work. The School of Art provides in-depth instruction in the concepts and processes involved in the making of visual art.

All courses are taught by practicing artists. A lively Visiting Artists Program and special educational opportunities enhance the learning environment. A typical class size of 18 students and a full range of facilities result in quality, individualized instruction.

The School of Art provides comprehensive education in studio art, including intensive hands-on studio practice, art history, criticism, and theory.  Programs provide thorough professional training for students interested in careers in the field of art.  Credit is defined in terms of semester hours.  In general, 3 semester hour credits is allowed for 4 hours of studio each week of the semester, or an average of 3 hours of lecture equals a 3 credit lecture course, each week of the semester.