ASUM Legal Services

ASUM Legal Services

ASUM Legal Services began in 1975. It is comprised of three attorneys (Annie Hamilton, Klaus Sitte, and Geoff Mahar), one legal secretary (Samantha Seidensticker), and 6-7 third year law school interns. The attorneys represent students of the University of Montana and supervise the work of University of Montana law students who represent clients under Montana's student practice rule.

ASUM Legal Services provides low cost professional legal advice and representation to eligible students of the University of Montana. Third year UM law student interns work under the supervision of licensed attorneys to provide advice and representation in a variety of areas.

Contact Information


ASUM Legal Services
University Center 116
University of Montana
32 Campus Drive
Missoula, MT 59812


Call: (406) 243-6213
Fax: (406) 258-0450



Monday - Friday
9:00 AM - 4:00 PM


  • Landlord & Tenant
  • Wills, Power of Attorney, & Living Wills
  • Family law including divorce, custody, & Adoptions
  • Consumer matters
  • Misdemeanor criminal cases
  • Property damage matters

ASUM Legal Services offers information about legal resources, locally, state-wide, and nation-wide, for the students of The University of Montana. These legal resources include:

  • Staff Notaries
  • Lawyer Referral
  • Basic Needs
  • Alcohol & Drug Resources
  • Crisis Hotlines
  • Other Resources

Initial (Intake)

If you wish to use our services, you must first schedule an intake appointment by calling (406) 243-6213. An intake appointment is where you meet with a secretary and explain the facts of your case. The secretary will record this information and then give it to an attorney. The attorney looks over the facts and decides whether or not our office can represent you. You will be notified in approximately 1-3 days about whether or not our office can represent you.

Intake appointments are only scheduled to be 15 minutes long, so your story needs to be short. Try and figure out how to convey your problem in one or two sentences. Bring any tickets, court documents, and any other paperwork you think may be relevant. You'll also need names of anyone who is involved.

You'll need to know your Student ID Number, Phone Number, Address, your student status (full time or part time), and your expected date of graduation.

Coming to your intake appointment prepared makes the process easier and quicker.