Frequently Asked Questions

What is ASUM?

ASUM is your student government. It is composed of 26 senators and 3 executives, all elected through a student vote in the spring time. ASUM meets every week (Wednesdays at 6 pm) to discuss resolutions, committee reports, and student group requests for funding. Through its various agencies, ASUM is able to offer childcare, transportation, tenant/landlord arbitration, and a plethora of other services.

Can I run for a position within ASUM?

Any student taking 7 or more credits that pays the ASUM activity fee may run for a position on the senate or one of the three executive positions. If interested, apply for a senate seat for the Spring semester 2015. Additionally, we have a large number of seats on each of our committees that are set aside for students who would like to be appointed that are not currently elected to the senate. These students are referred to Students-at-large.  You can find more information on this by referring to our Student-at-large application.

What happens when a senator steps down during the school year?

Any student taking 7 or more credits and that pays the ASUM activity fee may apply for an open seat on the ASUM senate.  To see if there are any vacant seats, please check for updates in the ASUM office, advertisments in the Kaimin, or on our website.   

What kind of a time commitment is ASUM?

There is a meeting every Wednesday night (minus Holidays) at 6 pm that can last anywhere from 2 to 6 hours. In addition, senators sit on at least 3 committees that meet on a regular basis (though the number of times a committee meets per semester varies.) ASUM is a fun organization but it takes a substantial amount of time and effort to effectively serve.

I need a loan. Can ASUM help?

ASUM offers short-term loans from $50 - $500. You must be a currently registered student taking 7 or more credits with a minimum cumulative GPA of 2.0. You must have been a registered student the previous semester (spring or summer if current semester is fall) and not be graduating at the end of the current semester. (This requirement is waived for COT students). You may receive a maximum of $500 at any one time. Loans are not processed when classes are not in session.

Need more than $500? Contact the Finanacial Aid office at: 243-5373.

Where is ASUM?

The administrative offices of ASUM are located on the first floor of the University Center near the entrance to the Mansfield Mall. It is room UC 104. Our agencies such as UM productions, Legal Services, and the Office of Transportation also have their own offices located within the general vicinity.

If I have a problem on campus, what can I do?

Come talk to us! We would be happy to discuss any ideas you have for bettering the campus and let you know the avenues with which to act. We have a number of services we offer as well as knowledge about the various services campus, as a whole, has to offer.

What do I do to start a new student group?

We have a group recognition page outlined to help you with the process of being recognized. It involves filling out one of our recognition forms and submitting it to the senate for approval. After you have been approved you have the ability to ask the senate for travel money, special allocation requests, and yearly finances during the final budgeting process. All of the finance-type information can be found under "Funding Information" and is handled by the ASUM Business manager.